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    CONSTANCE WEEK - Day 6 » AU Day - Constance as the Doctor’s Companion
    A strange blue box comes from no where to land in her Courtyard; when Constance goes to investigate it she gets dragged in to the Doctor’s latest adventure. When he offers to take her with him to see the galaxy and all it has to offer Constance can’t refuse. (for rodlox who prompted Doctor Who/Musketeers)

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    The Musketeers -Constance Bonacieux 

    "A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

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    Hogwarts edition!

    Let’s face it, every fandom has to have a Hogwarts au and the most important question in this au is which houses are the characters in? So, I present to you my head canon for the main characters of the Musketeers!

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  5. Tamla Kari for DRAMA Issue7, by Andrew Hiles.
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Aren’t these just beautiful?


    Aren’t these just beautiful?

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